We are two young moms who had the chance to spend our maternity leave together. Sisters in laws and neighbours, we had the idea to combine our forces for the benefit of a common cause which was to develop an organic product for the little sores of the family. As is the case for more and more families, we are extremely concerned about the ingredients we consume, so the same logic should apply for the products we use on our babies.

This is why we chose to prioritize organic ingredients and forget about preservatives such as parabens and other questionable products. Additionally, all our products are tested on our own skins and on our children, not on animals. In the perspective of reducing our carbon footprint, our product is 100% biodegradable, its container and packaging reusable and recyclable.

Less known and used in the West, shea butter is a product is commonly used in Africa. The shea tree grows in the West African region and the extraction of the fat from the fruit is shea butter. Its miraculous properties seduced us from the very beginning.

Applicable on all the body: face, hands, scalp, hair (as a mask) etc., it is a real body cure-all. By adding oils and plants with complementary properties, we had a product that finally met our standards. Honoring the origin of shea butter came naturally; Bër means "butter" in Wolof, the native language of Senegal.