shea balm

All in 1

Organic & 100% natural

For the entire family


Not tested on animals


The Bër balm is an all in one product that is appropriate for babies, kids and adults. All its components are 100% natural, organic and biodegradable. It different properties make it an essential in the summer as well as winter.

Most cosmetic brands propose a large amont of product; one for hands, one for the face, one for the body, a nourishing balm for dry skin, a lotion for baby skin etc. If you notice the ingredients used by the different organic lotion brands, you will notice that they are almost all the same! What changes is the packaging, the branding and the prices. The smallest the more expensive. The is why we opted for a real minimalist and honest approach by offering one product that works for the whole family!



  • An intense moisturizer that regerates the skin
  • A natural sun protection (FPS 15) and protection from cracks caused by winter cold
  • Soothing against the itching from eczema
  • An effective agent against baby cradles
  • A healing for burns, age spots & stretch marks


And a lot more! You will find an exhaustive list of properties of each ingredient used in the Ingredient section.


Our balm is a natural product without any preservative, its preservation is therefore shorter than that of a commercial product. However it does not contain water which increases its logevity. So, kept in a cool, dry place the balm will have a shelf life of 6 months.


Our balm can be used on the whole body parts, even as a hair mask. Simply put a small quantity of the balm in the palm of your hands and massage the area that need moisturizing. We advise you to use the balm on the targeted ares 9 dry skin, milk crusts on babies heads, etc.) to see the best results.


The balm consists only of butters and oils of vegetable origin, so it is normal that its texture is more greasy than that of a commercial lotion. If you want a firmer texture, just keep the balm in the refrigerator.



All our products are tested on us and on our children, never on animals. With the exception of beeswax, all ingredients are 100% vegetable, natural & organic. (without sulfates, parabens, dyes, perfumes and artificial preservatives).

Interesting fact ; all ingredients of our Shea Butter are edible. If your toddler decides to taste it without your knowledge, no problem!

Our balm is handcrafted in Montreal and its container is recyclable and reusable.

Essential oil? 

Many natural and artisanal products use essential oils in their manufacture. On our side, we have opted for aromatic essences that are safer for pregnant women, infants and children. The action of essential oils on the endocrine system of the fetuses and children is still poorly known. Essential oils rich in ketone, a natural neurotoxin (sage, mint, eucalyptus & camphor) are particularly dangerous for pregnant women and children. They can also be very irritating to the fragile skin of infants, which is why we do not use them.


The essential oils are obtained by steam distillation while the aromatic essences are distilled with alcohol and then mixed with a vegetable oil. Thus, the only thing we look for in aromatic essence is only its olfactory properties and not the extraction of the volatile chemical constituents of the plant.